Have you ever wondered what your existence is all about?  Have you ever layed in bed late at night and asked yourself the question, what does it mean to be a human? Answering this question does not have a straightforward response. Everybody has a different outlook on life, and understanding different opinions is an important part of evolution.

Can we turn to science for the answers? Probably not. Can we turn to each other for the answer? Maybe. That’s exactly what Electric Bubble’s cinematographer Jake Ashe did, in a short film on his Youtube Channel. Like most Jake was hopelessly confused about the concept of being a human, so he looked to his peers for answers. In the current state of the world with COVID-19 turning the planet upside down, it’s nice to have some clarity and hear the opinions of a diverse group of individuals from all over the world.

As far as we understand humans are completely unique to this universe and have a complex set of functionalities riddled with emotions entrenched in the brain.  At the crux of the question, the answer is simple, every human being is a human person and every human person is a human being. We are the same fundamentals genetically and all stem from the same biological beginnings. Race, gender, and every diversity aside we are the same. Why we put so much emphasis on our minor differences and inflict so much pain and misery on our self proclaimed inferiors, is something that will puzzle generations to come.

Here at Electric Bubble, we hope for a world united by its differences, inspired by its equals, and hopelessly in love with itself and the planet, it calls home. But we are far from that, and it will take a long time before that world is even in sight. The question about our existence aims to inspire people to do better and be better but ultimately it’s up to the individual. If we are asked what it means to be a human, what do you land on?